Second official Brothers Grimsby trailer released


grimsby chernobylThe second trailer to the highly anticipated 2016 Sacha Baron Cohen film ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ was released today! In this trailer we get a glimpse into Grimsby life as portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen. This includes a child pushing a grown man in a pushchair, and a crudely gratified signpost welcoming visitors to the town that is apparently twinned with Chernobyl, Ukraine. It is no wonder that the film has drawn criticism from Grimsby locals. Local politicians have been outraged by the casting and the film’s negative portrayal of the town. Watch the Full trailer below!

The Times reports that;

Six women weighing more than 20 stone each have been recruited, and there would be scenes of “binge-eating, copious vomiting and naked wobbling across a football pitch“. According to an extra in Cape Town, where the film was partly shot, the women chosen by Baron Cohen are ‘enormous’.

‘The gang of supporters from Grimsby are all enormous and revolting,’ Maurice Maree, who worked on the film, told the Times.

It is clear that the film will draw more criticism when released on 11 March 2016, as do many Sacha Baron Cohen films.



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