Graphic Brothers Grimsby scene shocks Jimmy Kimmel audience!


Last night, on the Jimmy Kimmel show, the audience were ‘treated’ to an appearance by Sacha Baron Cohen and a VERY graphic clip from the upcoming Brothers Grimsby movie. Due to its graphic nature we are not shown the clip but rather the audiences reactions.

According to those lucky enough to see an early screening of the movie, the clip shows Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) and his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) trying to hide from some enemies and they decide to hide inside a female elephant’s vagina. While they are hiding in there a male elephant starts to mate with the female and it’s penis keeps smacking Sebastian in the face. According to Nobby, elephants can have sex for days so he suggests cradling the male elephants balls while Sebastian works the shaft. This causes the male to ejaculates inside and Nobby and his brother end up covered in semen.

Unfortunately for the pair, the elephant was the village bicycle and there was a horde of male elephants behind the original waiting their turn.

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel footage below

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