Boyakasha Fan Zone

Welcome to the latest addition the website - the fan zone! This page is dedicated to you - the fans of Ali G, Borat, and Bruno!

So, have you put on your yellow Fubu suit and matching tommy hat recently and taken a photo? Have you seen someone who is the splitting image of Borat and taken a sneeky picture? If you have then email it to us and we will post it on this page! We want your Pictures, videos, stories, drawings or anything else you want to send us! At some point we may even award the best entry an amazing Boyakasha prize!

Our first entry has been sent in by Anthony Aarons. What a great photo! Click the thumbnail for larger imag

10/11/2006 -'Gspot Man' as Borat!

08/11/2006 - Jim Sipola from Sweden as Ali G!


30/10/06 - Jason as Ali G on Haloween!


02/11/06 - 'Chad' on Haloween as Ali G!

Ali G by James Morrissey James Morrissey Ali G

22/09/06 - Ali G (James Morrissey)

04/07/06 - Borat in Cannes (Anthony Aarons)