Borat Info

Full Name
Borat Sagdiyev

Kuzcek, near Almaty, 3 mile north of fence to Jewtown, Kazakhstan

Zodiac Sign - the Potato

Religion: Follows the Hawk

TV reporter - Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man
Makes animal explosion for making more animals
Gypsy Catcher
Ice maker
Computer maintenance (the one who paint it and remove dead birds from its pipes)

Table tennis
Sitting on comfytobale chairs
Disco dance
Shoot dog
Looking on picture of America things example swimming pools
Speak on telephone - I have make over eighty conversation calls.
One day I would like to eat a very big chocolate cake... with a toffee, and have my name 'Borat' made with 'toffee'. I also like to start fires.

Degree from Astana University in English and plague research.
Made 3 new plagues - one was release in Uzbekistan and kill over 50 thousands goat.

Music tastes
Korki Buchek
Bald homosexual Elton John.
Song of C&C Music Manufacturing Plant 'Everybody Dancing Now


Mamma - Small woman, but she has grown!

Brother Bilo - He once have a demon that live in his head so we open his head and place a dry fish inside to eat the demon, but the demon become angry and make Bilo a retard. He is sex crazy! All day long in his cage he look on porno!

A number of wives - one died in a field in an accident and some he has to pay for, but they are worth it!

3 sons [Bilak [12], Biram [12], Hooeylewis [13].
Hooeylewis is most favourite son, Bilak is least favourite son.

17 grandchildrens

Azamat Bagatov


Igor the Pig