Ali G is back, but is it cos he is black?


Ali G Oscars

Ali G returned to our screens last night to represent all the breadwins that have been overlooked at the Oscars.

The main man gave a shout out to Will Smith, Idris Elbow, and that black bloke from Star Wars…Darth Vader. Ali was dressed up for the occasion, sporting a full tuxedo with a cheeky red bow-tie, and not forgetting his trademark Tommy hat – nuff respect!

He also gave mention to others who have been overlooked, such as those hard-working yellow people with tiny dongs. You know – the Minions.”

Sacha admitted he was unsure how the quip would go down with the star-studded audience.

“There was a few moments…” he said. “I was a bit worried how they’d react to the first gag but I bumped into (host) Chris Rock on the way on and pitched him the gig and he gave me the thumbs up, so I went for it.”

We also learnt that the Oscars did not want Sacha to take to the stage in character – which explains why he was not in full costume.

According to his fiancée Isla Fisher;

“The truth is we actually had to sneak it in…” Sacha laughed during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning. “The Oscars sat me down beforehand and said they didn’t want me to do anything out of order, they wanted me to actually just present it as myself. But luckily my wife put on the Ali G beard in the disabled toilets and I managed to get away with it. What would I do without her?”

“I had to pretend that he wasn’t feeling well in the bathroom so that no-one…” she admitted, when Sacha jumped in adding: “I was in the disabled toilet for 40 minutes sticking the beard on. I had to claim food poisoning.”

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