Sacha screens Bruno preview in Texas + Bruno strikes again in Alabama!


A couple hundred of lucky fans got a 22 minute sneak preview of the forthcoming Bruno movie in Texas last week. The three scenes on display confirm that the movie will take the same format as the Borat movie – documentary style.

Details of the scenes are below:

Scene one
Bruno adopts a black baby, and wants to feature the child in an avant-garde performance art project “Ich bin pushing the limits”. He interviews several mothers and fathers to determine whether their children would be suitable to play guest stars, asking questions such as “Are they afraid of stuffed animals? Reptiles? Hornets? Would they be OK with being dropped off a four-story building, or willing to have liposuction? All the parents, worryingly answer “yes”.

Scene 2
Bruno appearing on a talk show in leather pants, looking for Mr. Right. Members of the predominantly black studio audience are appalled by his in-your-face homosexuality, and they get even angrier when he brings out his adopted baby and shows them a self-consciously artsy photograph of the child posing as Jesus on a cross. Although it appears there are a few plants in the crowd to ask the right questions, the majority of them seem genuinely disgusted as they storm out.

Scene 3
Bruno decides to reinvent himself by going straight and changing his name to “Straight Dave.” He stages a mixed-martial arts contest, which was shot last summer in Arkansas. When Bruno’s ex-boyfriend crawls into the ring and the two start making out, stripping and rubbing all over each other, spectators in the conservative crowd holler, make anti-gay slurs and throw plastic cups of beer at them. They end up storming out, too.

National guardIn other Bruno related news Sacha tricked the Alabama National Guard into allowing him onto a post, giving him a military uniform and briefly letting him train with them!

Bruno allegedly exposed his thong while changing clothes, but was going well until a young cadet recognized Cohen and notified older officers who weren’t familiar with the actor.

“It’s an embarrassment to the Alabama National Guard,” Staff Sgt. Katrina Timmons said Monday. “Since then we have put in protocols to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Guard officials who let Cohen and his crew into the Alabama base initially believed they were helping foreign journalists.

“They called and said they were a German affiliate of a TV station doing a documentary on what it was like to be in officer candidate school,” said Timmons. “They wanted to know if they could come here and embed one person for a few hours up to a day.”


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