Bruno week roundup – lots of new videos and pictures from around the world!


Bruno Round upSacha has now premiered in Amsterdam, Berlin and Sydney. We have all the photos and videos from these events so make sure to check them out!

In other news – A tasteless scene has been cut following Michael Jackson’s death.
The studio in charge of the movie made a last minute edit in time for it’s Hollywood premiere

In the cut scene Bruno interviews LaToya Jackson in his chic LA apartment – after getting her to sit on his “chairs” – which are Mexican workers bending over – who then serve her sushi of the hairy body of a naked man. Bruno proceeds to steal her cell phone so that he can copy Michael Jackson’s number dowm.

Bruno has also made an apperance on the ‘Tonight show’ where he talks about making a sex tape, and why he hates Paris Hilton. To check out the video visit the video page.


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