Bruno takes a walk on the brown side


The New York Daily News reports on how Cohen has hired two gay prostitutes for a sex scene in his forthcoming Bruno movie.

Director Dan Mazer called on David Forest (who was last year linked to the death of a millionaire hedge fund manager) as he was prepared to do full frontal nudity, and could help cast another gay actors.

“We auditioned about 10 actors,” says Forest. They finally settled on triple-X stars Paul Barba (usually billed as “Tony Capucci”) and John Martel (known to fans as “Tyler Saint”). Cohen summoned Barba and Martel to the Aramano Hotel in Burbank.

“There’s a scene where Bruno comes to the hotel with some guys,” says Forest. “They’re all trying to get Bruno to come upstairs for an orgy. Five guys are there. Two of them are my guys. Bruno apparently doesn’t want to join the party, but he watches through the window. I’m told it’s hilarious.”

tourism upIn other news, it has been reported that tourism in Kazakhstan has rocketed since Borat came on the scene. Although the Kazakh people still see Borat as an insult to their country, it looks like a ‘thank you’ is also due.

Kazakh official Kenzhebay Satzhanov said “the film has become free advertising for Kazakhstan. In the last six months, tourism has grown by 13%.

Sexy time indeed!


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