Bruno strikes again: Cohen stages cage fight – crowd gets caged homosexuals!


cage fightAn Arkensas crowd arrived at the Fort Smith Convention centre expecting an evening of ‘blue collar brawling’, hot chicks and cold beer. However what they got was two men stripping down to their underwear, kissing and “rubbing one another”, according to local police.

Organisers of the event had invited police to attend and tipped them off that a character named “Straight Dave” would goad a planted audience member into the ring for a fight, only to end up in a “romantic embrace”.

“They said it was to essentially poke fun at wrestling – two guys rolling around on the floor, all sweaty,” said Fort Smith police sergeant Adam Holland. The officers thought they were in on the joke, but were not prepared for what followed. It took police 45 minutes to clear the venue as the crowd went crazy throwing beer and chairs at main stage. The two actors had to escape through a pre organised side door as the crowd became increasingly enraged. Cohen and the team had again made all audience members sign a waiver before the event and displayed numerous signs saying the event and audience may be filmed. ”

Dwight Duncan, president and CEO of Four States Fair Grounds in Texarkana said “We had a contract for cage fighting. We were deceived”.


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