Brüno production team shuts down 29 fake websites


TKae websiteshe Brüno production team had set up as many as 29 fake companies (such as ‘Unterhaltungsfernsehen Deutschland’) and accompanying websites in order to trick members of the public to participate in the new movie.

However, it looks like most of these sites have now been shut down as Sacha Baron Cohen’s lawyers get busy before the launch of the new film.

The Smoking Gun reports that Several websites shared the same front-page images and boldly advertising “world-class facilities, and state-of-the art equipment”.

We all remember the legal trouble Sacha faced after the Borat movie, and so to stop the shitzen hitting the fan, Sacha’s lawyers are on the case before the movie is even released.

Below is a list of ‘front’ companies / websites created by the production team:

German Youth Television (5/7/07)
Deutsches Jugendfernsehen (5/7/07)
Channel 1 Switzerland (5/14/07)
Swiss Television 1 (5/14/07)
Swiss Entertainment Television (5/14/07)
Cold Stream Productions (5/14/07)
Sat 2 (6/12/07)
German Entertainment Television (6/12/07)
Der Grune Kanal (6/12/07)
German Channel 1 Broadcasting (6/12/07)
Chromium Films (6/12/07)
Chrom Filme (6/12/07)
Rheinland Films (6/12/07)
Rheinland Filme (6/12/07)
German Television 1 (6/12/07)
Deutsches Modefernsehen (6/12/07)
Deutsches Unterhaltungsfernsehen (6/12/07)
Deutsches Fernsehen 1 (6/12/07)
Fernsehen Im Kanal 1 Deutschland (6/12/07)
The Green Channel (6/12/07)
Unterhaltungsfernsehen Deutschland (6/12/07)
German Fashion Television (6/12/07)
Longman Parke Productions (9/28/07)
Millward Lane Productions (9/28/07)
Wooton Grange Productions (9/28/07)
Coral Blue Productions (10/29/07)
Amesbury Chase Productions (10/29/07)
Brinkworth Hill Productions (10/29/07)
Planet Eco Productions (10/29/07)


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