Brüno launches Meinspace page + Ron Paul explains how he got sthumpted!


Bruno MeinspaceBruno has set up a brand new ‘myspace’ page, or as he likes to call it – his ‘meinspace’ page. You can visit by going to however only people in the US and A can get access! It looks like they dont want anyone outside the US to get any details.

So for everyone outside the US and A, you can check out a screenshot of the page by clicking here.

The below text was also taken from the meinspace page

Vassup! Villkomen zum das Meinspace page von Brüno!! Brüno don’t like taking abaus meinself – you probably already know zat from reading my autobiography. …Brüno can go six days mitout doing a scheisse – 8 vhen I’m in love.

First ich should tell you zat I’m in a serious relationship at ze moment und I’m completely faithful – apart, of course, from blaujoben.

Ich started work at ze coolest club in Vienna – zat’s right, Klub Apartheid.
Favorite Food: Sashimi Fed Veal

Served at ‘Hiroshima’, Frederick Vorms’s auzgezeichneter restaurant in Salzburg. Ze calf is killed when it is one week old – until zen it is only fed ze finest Spanish mackerel und yellowtail from Nobu. From the moment it is born til ze moment it dies, it has its own DJ zat plays it a selection of chillaus music. …It is killed not by electrocution or in ze Judisher vay, but by being smothered mit a silk pillow.

In other news – check out this clip of Congressman Ron Paul explaining what happened when he met Bruno!

“I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics. So, that didn’t turn out that way. But, by the time he started pulling his pants down, I … What in (inaudible) is going on here? I ran out of the room.”

Watch the clip here!


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