Bruno crashes US show ‘Medium’


hqdefaultBruno managed to gain access to the set of the NBC show about a psychic played by Patricia Arquette and get into the jury box of a tense court scene. His repeated interruptions led to filming being halted as security staff were brought in to remove him from the set.

It was only afterwards that people present realised the gatecrasher’s identity, according to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the incident.

“No one had a clue it was Sacha playing Bruno,” one insider said. “It’s amazing he was able to infiltrate the set and pull this off.”

It remained unclear how the Borat star managed to get access to the set or whether he was secretly filming footage for his new film based on the character of Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion show presenter who first appeared on Cohen’s breakthrough television series Da Ali G Show.

The scene from Medium had to be re-shot.


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