Bruno Dupes Ex-Mossad Agent; and we learn why he will not eat Hummus


Ex Mossad Agent Yossi Alpher (pictured left) and Palestinian Ghassam Khalib were interviewed by Bruno in Jerusalem, Israel where Sacha Baron Cohen has been filming recently for the forthcoming Bruno movie. Alpher was contacted by Sacha Baron Cohen’s agents and was asked to be interviewed by a German Rockstar to explain the Israel-Palestinian conflict to the youth of the world.

In true Bruno style – Sacha asked;

“Vat’s zee connection between a political movement and food? Vy hummus?” Yesterday I had to throw away my pita bread because it vas dripping hummus. Unt it’s too high in carbohydrates”

and stated;

mossad“Your conflict is not so bad. Jennifer-Angelina is worse”

By this stage Alpher and Khalib had suspicions that the interview was some kind of joke. Alpher was reported saying after the interview that “they played it straight and square… We smiled at the idiotic questions and answered them patiently… We knew something ludicrous was happening but couldn’t quite figure it out.”

For the grand finale, Bruno joined hands with the interviewees and recited ‘a mind-boggling song about the epic Middle East conflict between ‘Jews and Hindus.’

Only after the interview did Alpher realise he had been hoaxed by Sacha Baron Cohen, however a release form had been signed and a fee received for the interview, and so any legal action is highly unlikely.

Alpher accused Baron Cohen of “exploiting our tragic and painful conflict in the most cynical and deceptive manner” but admitted: “The end product will undoubtedly be hilarious. We’ll try to be good sports about it.”


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