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23/12/07 – The end of Ali G and Borat….
In an Interview with the Telegraph Sacha Baron Cohen has announced that he will not produce any new material as Ali G or Borat again. Since 1998 Sacha Baron Cohen has made us laugh with Ali G, and then Borat, but it looks like Sacha has been a victim of his own success, and the characters popularity has made it impossible for him to create any new material.

In the interview Sacha explains “When I was being Ali G and Borat I was in character sometimes 14 hours a day and I came to love them, so admitting I am never going to play them again is quite a sad thing,” he said. “It is like saying goodbye to a loved one. It is hard, and the problem with success, although it’s fantastic, is that every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I ‘get’ with Borat again, so it’s a kind of self-defeating form, really.

23/12/07 – Website update – new vote + RSS!
Alo – as many of you have noticed we have made a few updates to including a new vote and a new Boyakasha RSS feed!

05/12/07 – Driving instructor sues Borat – but whhhy?!
Michael Psenicska has sued Sacha Baron Cohen for $100,000 in damages. Mr Psenicska claims he was told he was taking part in a documentary, and would never have agreed to feature if he had known the truth. Fox Entertainment claim he is only suing due to the financial success of the film.

11/11/07 – Borat’s book to rude for US and A!
Borat new Book ‘Touristic Guidings’ was due for release last year according to reports – however it was not released due to fears it would ‘flop’ in the US and A based on the response the Ali G book received. The Ali G book contained a few explicit images, and although it was a bestseller in the UK it did not sell in the states. The Borat book was due to contain over 100 naked pictures of Kazakh women. Publishers feared that stores would not even sell the book. The book has now been published as of 6 November 2007. Check out this article from The Sun for more info.

10/11/07 – Competition Results
Thanks to everyone who entered the competition – Jonny the monkey has chosen 2 winners at random – so congratulations to the following:

Winner 1 – Jeff Wendland ( US and A)
Winner 2 – Susan Lavelle (UK)

11/10/07 – Borat’s brand new travel guide – Touristic Guidings!
TOURISTIC GUIDINGS is a two-part book; half of which is written for Kazakhstani’s traveling to the US, with the other half for the world traveling to Kazakhstan.  In the TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO MINOR NATION OF U.S. AND A., Borat helps negotiate all the tricks and challenges that travelers in America face.  From getting your wife’s cage through customs, to having sex without spending money, Borat covers all of his politically incorrect bases while exploring American life.

Turn the book over, and find TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN.  Claiming to have “over half the photographs, maps, and writings ever produced by Kazakhstan, and printed on our finest grade paper (50% tree, 10% asbestos, 22% gypsy, and 18% pubis)”, this book is the go-to travel guide for the non-Kazakhstani navigating the homeland of Borat.  Filled with never-before-seen ridiculous and explicit photos and pages of new material, this gut-busting roguery will have you bursting at the seams.

19/01/07 – Funny Borat Bunny

A funny guy from Angry Alien has created a 30 second animation of the Borat Film staring a couple of bunnies as Azamat and Borat (pictured left). The clip is pretty funny and definitely worth 30 seconds of your time – so click here to see the animation now!

Yo check dis out! We ave launched a new site! This website is dedicated exclusively to the gay Austrian TV presenter – Bruno! Ach ya! The website is constantly in development, and so we would love to hear your feedback, questions, and comments. So head over to and let us know what you think! Me just wanna say funk you very much to all the supporters out there who visit the site, participate in the forums and most importantly – keep it real!

19/01/07 – Sacha gets Golden Globe!
After suffering the golden globes of Azamat Bagatov in his face, Sacha Baron Cohen has won a Golden Globe award of his own for the film – Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Sacha accepted the award as himself (and not Borat) and thanked all the Americans who have not sued him so far. For more details see this review and to see the whole speech check out DotComedy!

17/12/06 – Sacha nominated for gloden globe!
Sacha Baron Cohen has been nominated for a golden globe award on the back of numerous other awards earlier in the year. Sacha said “he was extremely honoured to be nominated as best actor in a musical or comedy and for the film to be nominated for best picture in that category.”

12/11/06 – New deleted scenes, more downloads, and fanzone pics!
What a great year it has been for Sacha Baron Cohen and Borat! With so much Borat activities taking place around the world it is difficult to keep up! A thanks to all the Boyakasha fans out there who have sent us their questions, pictures and comments which has added loads of content to the website. Check out the following website updates:

21/09/06 – Help Azamat Bagatov clear his name!
The Bagatov films page has now been updated at Visit the site today to learn how you can help Azamat clear his name of sex crime with Horse under the age of consent. Make sure to sign the petition to help clear the name of the great Azamat Bagatov!

21/09/06 – Deleted scenes added + more!!
With the release of the Borat movie just a few days away Borat has been appearing all over the world to promote the film! We are learning many new things about Borat and Kazakhstan and has coverage of it all! Check out the media page for all the latest Borat interviews and four new deleted scenes from the movie! Finally, check out our exclusive ‘Jagshemash time where you can send a message to your friends in Kazakhstan and the rest of the world!

22/09/06 – 1 MILLION visitors + updates!
Wow wa wee wah – over 1 million visitors have now been to!! To celebrate we are giving away an original tommy gear hat – more info coming soon. Updates include a new picture added to the fanzone page courtesy of James Morrissey, and the Bruno dictionary has now got some entries – thanks to Tim Roberts for these!

16/09/06 – Win an original Ali G tommy hat!
To celebrate the approach of 1 million visitors to we will be running a competition! From da basement of Ali G’s nans house we found an original green tommy hat with ‘tommy gear’ printed on the rim. You can’t get these in da shops or on da intranet anywhere! More competition info coming soon!

10/09/06 – Calling all Bruno Fans !
Yo, we need to get the Bruno Dictionary updated! So please e-mail us with your Bruno definitions and we can create the ultimate online Bruno Dictionary!

15/08/06 – Bagatov Films @ Boyakasha!
Bagatov Films – the glorious Kazakh film company created by Borat’s good friend Azamat Bagatov have launched their website @! Check out the site here:
Get your tickets to secret preview of Borat! [15/08/06]
Exclusive: fans have the chance to see a secret preview of the new Borat Movie!!

There are 3 ways to get your tickets
1) Sign up to the Boyakasha Forums and send a private message to user: Boyakasha who will then send you the details.
2) Check out the Bagatov Films website here:
2) Search the website! Somewhere located on our website are the secrets of how to get your tickets! Hint: Yagshemash!!

Bagatov Films @ Boyakasha! [15/08/06]
Bagatov Films – the glorious Kazakh film company created by Borat’s good friend Azamat Bagatov have launched their website @! Check out the site here:

New full length Borat trailer [10/08/06]
Wow wa wee wah! Check out the new full length Borat Trailer! We learn how Borat fully supports the USA’s war of terror and if the movie is not a success Borat will be executed! Check it out now!

Boyakasha Fanzone launched! [04/08/06]
Check out the brand new Boyakasha fanzone! This is where you get the chance to send in your photos, stories, videos or anything else Ali G or Borat related! So check out our first photo sent in by Anthony Aaron and send yours in today! on Myspace! [28/07/06] now has it’s very own myspace page! So if you have a myspace why not add us to your buddies, aight! Also we have just added the full length Borat theme to the media page, enjoy!

Korki Buchek MP3 + more updates! [22/07/06]
We ave just added loads more info about Borat such as his education and hobbies. Also download the hit new song from Korki Buchek and check out Borat’s MySpace video! Also, make sure to sign up to the boyakasha forums!

Two new Boyakasha features! [18/07/06]
Yo, check it out! We have two new sections on the website: the exclusives section and Jagshemash Time where you can say hello to your cousin Vilo, pet pig Igor, or show your love to the glorious nation of kazakhstan. I like!

Boyakasha’s guide to Borat is USA [13/06/06]
Yo, are you confused why Borat would leave his glorious nation of Kazakhstan where to visit the US and A? Why has the Kazakhstani ministry on information sent Borat on a mission to learn lessons for his home country? To find out check out Boyakasha’s guide to Borat’s trip! Is nice!

Borat dictionary update [14/04/06]
The Borat dictionary has just been posted on the dictionary page, but it is not complete and we need your help! So check out the dictionary now and e mail us to add entries to the dictionary!

Define boyakasha… [09/04/06]
Easy now. Zillions of people keep sending us emails saying; Alo, can you tell me the meaning of boyakasha? Although there seems to be no official definition – check out the definitions at the Urban Dictionary to make your own mind up.

Another boyakasha makeover! [08/04/06]
Check it out – is having another makeover. The new design will make it easier to update and bring you all the news including the Borat film that is due for release later this year. If you have any feedback about the new look please post your comments on the forums!

Ali G in da House – Plot comes to life! [12/03/06]
Da council are shutting down a whole bunch of leisure and community centres in the Staines area! Where will the kids practice their bodypopping and electric boogaloo now!? are fully supporting this campaign. To learn how you can help check out the forums!

Forum Relaunch! [04/01/06]
We have just relaunched our new and improved forums – so become a member now, and help create the ultimate online community!

Sign up for da newsletter! [01/01/06]
Yo check it out – sign up for da new newsletter on this page and get all the latest news and updates on Ali G, Borat and!

Big up your massive [29/12/05] is da only place on da intranet where you can big up your massive or say yo to your posse. Check out the new look Big Up page to do it now, bo!

Even more Videos added! [20/12/05]
A selection of new videos have been added to the media page! Check them out now!

Boyakasha! was recently in the superb Fast Times magazine, check out our artwork here

Ali G in da office!
Can you believe it, on the bbc program “The Office” they have used the Ali G dictionary from! Check out the picture here.

November 7th 2002
Ali G in da house is due for release on DVD and VHS ont the 11th November. Enter the exclusive competition here!

June 28th 20072
Ali is currently filming for his new film titled “Ali G, In da house.
We have inside, some of which for instance the location of the filming we cannot reveal, but we can fortnite give you a taster of what is to come!
Expect to see Ali on a moterbike, lots of old people complaining, and Julie leaves Ali!

May 15th 2002
Sacha is currently working on a film title involving all of his characteurs! He is working with the producers of Notting Hill!

May 15th 2002
Can you beleive it, Ali didnt win an award. He was nominated for 2 awards but was beaten by League of gentelmen, and Graham Norton, a bit batty, literally.

May 12th 2002
We have received zillions of e-mails askin bout da tommy hats offer.
Now we offer you to buy the Hats in beenz from us, or by sending us a cheque or postal order.
We cannot at this time disclose any information about price and availability, but if you are interested in this offer e-mail us at and you will be the first to know when they are available!

May 10th 2002
Check dis, coming very soon will offer you da chance to buy Tommy Gear hats direct from us. This offer will not last forever and will be only available to buy in beenz, so start collecting now!
If you are interested in this offer e-mail us.

May 8th 2002
Combat 18, the Neo Nazi group, have recently sent Sacha Baron Cohen death threats, which contained anti-semetic and racist language telling him that he will be killed.
For a full report visit

May 8th 2002
Ali is planning a music C.D and an Ali tour! So foreigners watch out!
The BBC want to snatch up Sacha Baron Cohen to do a new Ali G series! Sacha, however doesnt plan to do another Ali G series, and is busy inventing new characters in the U.S.A.

May 6th 2002
Take a look back at Feb 9th, we all thought that Ali was being killed off! At da beginning of the last Ali G show in the series we though he migh be dead as he went up to heaven, but he came back again!
Does this mean there will be another series? I dont know, do you know?

May 2nd 2002
Alo, whats dis? Ali himself is gonna be in da music video of Madonna! Happarently there are rumours goin about dat Ali and Madonna are, you know, gettin jiggy. Put it dis way, Ali says da baby is gonna be black, but dat may not be true.

April 10th 2002
If you is looking to buy da Tommy hats, first try
If not me know dis shop in Camden Town, London. There is a massive sainsbury’s dere, where a geezer says alo I is Jesus, alo I is Jesus..hactually he says I is Jackie Chan. Cross da road from Sainsbury’s, and on you left is a little shop dat deserves nuff respect and should sell you da hat! Respect

April 4th 2002
Talgat Kaliyev from the Kazakhstani London Embassy spoke out against Da Ali G show. He is compalining about Borat, as he feels that he does not give the right image of Kazakhstan.
Borat in the future ask questons like “why are women allowed to go to university in England” and “are prostitutes provided at British parties!”

April 1st 2002
Last night on Da Ali G show, Ali hintroduced us to his new film called “Boka”. He called it Boka cos it is the sound of when you shoot someone with a gun. Ali needs a serious cash flow if he wants to make his new film as he wants to make it in Jamacia.

March 30th 2002
Sacha Baron cohen almost causes a ruk at dat Royal television society award, where he talked throughout the ceremony. He was asked to shut up on several occasions before leavin early. This award was well rank cos for some batty reason he didnt get any tropheies.

March 29th 2002
Some batty boy has stolen long sound clips from the new Ali G show and has posted dem on the intranet! Now Ali is going mestral about these dodgy unoficial websites stealing his stuff! But remember dat is 100 % clean, aight.

March 26th 2002
Listen to dis. Ali G might not be killed off. On february 9th we though dat Ali was gonna be killed in a drive by with the East Staines massive, but now possibly they might not allow him to die! Ali G is happarently gonna create his own brand of clothing, and they rekon dat its gonna be a massive hit and everyone will buy his gear, and so they might not Kill Ali off so they can promote his clothing!
Do you think dats right?

March 18th 2002
Da Ali G show is coming up soon, and so channel 4 have decided to use their serious cash flow to advertise. Der are many different advert you will see on tv, and many massive posters around. Wicked no?

March 3rd 2002
Ali G at da Brits! Dats right Ali G awarded the trophy for best hinternational punani to Macy Grey, although he really wanted to bone Britney Spears, as he had watched her video many, many times whilst polishing his own trophy!
Cut out from the broadcast of the Brits on T.V Ali G started of by saying “dis award if for 4 of da fittest woman…and Macy Grey!” So shes a bit mingin’.

Februrary 18th 2002 was today in the papers! Headlined “Student catches Ali G in the net” the article goes to explain how is the most comprehensive Ali G site around!

Februrary 16th 2002
Da new Ali G show called ‘Da Ali G show’ started recording its first series at the BBC studios in White City, we wont spoil it for you by telling you whats in it but it will be on in March and watch out for an apperance from Travis, the increase da peace section! and who wants to win an Ounce Where you are asked a series of questions where youll first win a 16th and then an 8th and if your clever enough a whole ounce. There are questions like: If you ave got sum hash and you get called over by a copper, do you A: say sorry B: shove it up your arse C: shove it up da coppers arse or D: Blow him away?

February 12th 2002
Sacha Baron Cohen’s New character is this russian geezer called Borat, who is sex obsessed. He revealed his characteur to the public during the recording of the second episode of the ALi G show.As we know Ali G will soon be killed off, and his new characteur will take his place!

February 9th 2002
Ali G is apprently gonna be killed of at the end of his new show “The Ali G show” which consists of 2 series of 5 shows each. It was said in the Daily Star, that what will happen is that the east Staines massive will shoot Ali in a drive by! We ope dat this isn’t da truth(don’t beleive everything you read in the papers remember) but it looks like this is the case (especially as we ave a pic, pop pop you could be dead)

January 30th 2002
D new Ali G show called ‘The Ali G show’ started recording its first series at the BBC studios in White City, we wont spoil it for you by telling you whats in it but it will be on in March and watch out for an apperance from Travis, and the increase da peace section!

January 27th 2002
The new seris of the 11 0’clock show will start recording in March, yes we do have tickets. In the previous series it used to say “featuring Ali G, and unfortunatley it seems Ali G will not feature on the 11 0’clock show at all, but at least weve got the Ali G show to look foward to.

January 20th 2002
7 out of 10 black commedians find ALi G racialist! All da papers have been banging on about him and ting, from the Sun to the Times to the Jewish Chronicle! You name it, hes in it!

December 18th 2001
Ali as been featured in nuff magazines including Heat, Melody Maker, NME and even as one of the 100 front covers for Loadeds mimenium (youll get dat one when you see Ali’s christamas greetings aight!) edition. The latestone is in Heat magazine issue 46, where there is all the extracts from dis series in America WICKED. CHECK IT OUT, INCREASE DA PEACE AND KEEP IT REAL!

December 17th 2001
Listen to dis, when dey put Ali G’s Christmans special on the t.v they cut bits out! One fing they missed out was when they were talking about virgin Mary Ali G says “Theres dis girl round me estate, her name also is and she said “oh i found myself pregnant” but trust me, me know how she got pregnant!”

December 16th 2001
Jungleist Posse AIGHT! De 11 Oclock show series three as just finished owever dere is gonna be a christmas episode on de 22nd which de webmasters from dis site ave already gone to. We sat near da middle so look out for us aight! The show was wicked it contained stuff like the best of The Angel of Delight, Iain in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem and loads of udder tings infact there is so much that it lasts for about an hour.

Not only did we see the episode live we also saw the newest and longest ali g episode EVER!!! IT is not on the christmas addition on the 22nd but on christmas day at 3 oclock. Dont watch the queens speech instead turn over to channel 4 and watch the out for the alternative speech from ali imself. He talks about christmas, Jesus and tings. Me dont wanna spoil it and tell you all de jokes but whatever you do dont miss it. AIGHT!

December 14th 2001
Ali G as also been featured in the Metro on Today cos they is talking about the Comedy awards where ali g as been nominated as best male newcomer. Daisy as also been nominated for best female newcomer too. Me dont understand it they aint newcomers they as all been around for zillions of years.

December 13th 2001
Dis series Ali was in America wiked! and cheked out tings like de army economics law and gangs. If you aint seen dem yet check out de mp3 section where you can download dem and den listen to em.

December 13th 2001
Ali as also released a video Ali G init which contains 20 of de best interviews plus NUFF unseen Footage. De video is wicked espessially for new fans as all the episodes are from the first two series. For de people who ave seen all the episodes like us it is still wicked as ali gives you a tour round Steins. aight! Owever channel 4 ave haxtually taken bit out too which me tink is a bit racalist.