When Borat came to town…


my wifeWhen Borat came to town – a documentary by the BBC to be aired on October 27th at 10pm on BBC4 which follows the trials and tribulations of the villagers of Glod, Romania as they attempt to clear their name after being unkindly portrayed as incestuous relatives and friends of Borat in his movie.

The Mail Online reports on the upcoming BBC documentary in which the BBC speak to a number of villagers about how they were duped into filming for the Borat Movie. They also discuss their experiences with the American lawyers who proposed to bring a lawsuit against Borat.

You may remember from the film Nicolae Tudorache – who had a rubber sex toy attached to his amputated arm. He has said ‘It is disgusting. They conned us into doing all these things and never told us anything about what was going on. They made us look like primitives; like uncivilised savages’.

The Documentary airs on 27 Oct 2008 10pm BBC Four


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