Rare early Ali G (MC Jocelyn) and Borat (Christo) video!


borat toilet

Here at boyakasha.co.uk we are always on the look out for rare and unseen Sacha Baron Cohen footage and we have come across some gems here! These clips show his Ali G and Borat characters in their early stages.

 Christo from Albania infiltrates the upper classes in search for a real lady


Check out Borat (or Alexi – as known in this video) explore bondage!

Check out the videos below wherean early Ali G introduces himself as MC Jocelyn


2 thoughts on “Rare early Ali G (MC Jocelyn) and Borat (Christo) video!

  1. MC Jocelyn is good, but Ali G is da bomb man. And Sacha as Nana G (I think it’s her)is beautiful.

    And Borat is also very nice. But Albania is not such good as Kazakhstan. It’s good he choose Kazakhstan afterwards.

    Yo, Boyakasha.co.uk is baaaack. Wish it never dies again.:-D

  2. I shot this footage for BBC’s Comedy Nation, and I can assure you that at this point in Borat’s evolution he was meant to be Moldovan. On this particular shoot we even had to avoid someone from the Moldovan embassy, who would have easily blown our cover (what with Sasha not knowing a word of the language)

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