Brüno intro to Borat movie on Film 4 – Sunday 12th April 2009


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Brüno will be giving an intro the the Borat movie this sunday on Film 4. It is not clear how long the intro will be, or what kind of an intro he will do but Bruno appeared on an advert earlier today on Film 4 shows Bruno saying;

“hi, I will be on Film 4, the best gay film channel on television”

The Film 4 TV website lists the following;

(2006) Sacha Baron Cohen takes his Kazakhstan TV presenter Borat on a tour of the US in this outrageous comedy. With an introduction from ‘Bruno’. Strong language/overt sexual references.

So make sure to check out Film 4 this sunday at 9pm

Note – Film 4 is a UK TV Channel. If you aint in the UK – don’t worry we will post as much info here as possible!


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