Welcome to BAGATOV FILMS international Film production company from glorious country of Kazakhstan!

Yes, we are proud to have working with 6th most famous man in Kazakhstan - Borat Sagdiyev! To make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan, we go with Borat to make film in US and A.

Please, we welcome you to explores our website and visit many pages. This make possible by Kazakhstan Ministry of Information and strange homosexual peoples at who host our site.

Important message - Help clear my name of Sex crime with horse
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21/10/06 - We Makes musics for your ear!
Together with Kuzcek Records Bagatov Films have taken the sounds from the Borat movie and give you on compact cassettes! Hits include 'You be my wife' and 'Born to be wild'. Please you buy CD. All money will helps me Azamat clears my name of sex crime with Horse - but I am innocent - the horse was over 6 year old and was asking for it - why not?!

15/09/06 - Advance Borat screenings!
Gendobre. All the peoples who lives in the United Kingdoms can see Borat movie in advance. There will be 15 previews of the movie taking place on Wednesday 27th September. No photos or horse allows in cinema. please visit this site and enter the code 15461 to get your tickets! Please remember that me Bagatov is not as fat as cinema screen shows - we say in Kazakhstan , the cameras add 50 pounds - size of a pig - i like!

Secret Screening to film!
Bagatov Films would like to invite you to asecret screening on August 24th and 28th in Brixton at Ritzy. Enter code '72381' @ However. no Jew, Uzbek or Gypsy allowed. If you break rules I will crush you personally.