Jesus Christ -Saviour of man, and black model


jesus?Test screening of the forthcoming Bruno film has begun in the US and A, and it looks like Sacha is ready to shock the world like never before. A source who saw the screening says “the characters were created deliberately to wind up certain sections of society‘. One character is a black model called Jesus wearing a loincloth and a crown of thorns.

It won’t be the first time Sacha has landed himself in hot water,” the source reportedly added. “The water might be a little hotter this time round, though. Religion isn’t always the best place to poke fun“.

As well as Jesus character, Bruno and his boyfriend, Diesel, adopt an orphaned African child called David and parade him around fashion shows. It is thought the joke is aimed at Madonna, who adopted a Malawian baby called David Banda.

Related note: Ali G referred to Jesus as Jason Christ, the bloke who wrote the bible with his dad. Nuff said.


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