Ali G information

Ali G Info

Everything you need to know about the main man… Ali G

Staines Hospital

His nans house in Staines, Langley near Barkshire.
The old biddies home.
2 flats in Elmslea estate

West Staines

Dave – Ali’s mate

  • Dave was put down for a 14 year stretch for finding a use for the kilo, now he has still got about 12 years to go.
  • About 8 years ago Dave got jiggy with Ali’s Julie, and Ali still remember.
  • Ali received his swimming badge when Dave told him that there was a brick of hash at the bottom of the pool.
  • Dave has a gun and says hes killed someone, but me don’t know if that’s true. Dave also tried to join the army.

Ricky C -Ali’s mate
Ricky C is Ali’s best mate, and if he stopped going out with a girl Ali would leave 3 weeks before boning her.

Rainbow Jeremy – Ali’s mate
Aint got no techmology (check out his website if you dont believe)

Jezzy F – Ali’s mate
No Info

Old friends from school

  • Shemfye Tow – Came from Vietnam. Hactually, he came from China. He got hung up on a hook at school.
  • Zoe Lewis – went to Alis school. She is rank and charged 25p for fingers and thumbs.
  • Tashid Bagey -went to Ali’s school. Has nice skin and charged 75p for a touch outside the clothes.


  • Julie
  • Mary
  • Ethel (from da old biddies home)

East Staines massive


  • Uncle Jamal
  • His mum
  • His sister (who is rank, even his mum cuss her, call her a slag)

Mainly Tommy Hillfigger (even his p.j’s!)
Fubu* (see bottom)

Turf (see map for details)

  • Swings in Larecroft park
  • Wimpy in Egham high street
  • Part of the multiplex
  • The KFC next to the benefits agency
  • Elmslea estate shopping centre


  • Sensemillia
  • Selling sensemillia,
  • Basketball
  • Chillin’ with his bitches
  • Hextending his turf
  • Listening to drum and base
  • Doin humanbeat box

Favourite Celebrities

  • Terry Wogan (in da I.R.A)
  • Frank Bruno (cos he a honest geezer)
  • Whitney Houston
  • The Pope (cos hes a catholic)
  • The Corrs (cos dey are well fit, all 3 of them)
  • Africa Bombarta (cos he put down the lino, said put down your guns, do the breakdance, do the electric boogaloo, do the boddypoppin)
  • Mohamed Al Fayed (cos he is the baddest rapper in Egypt)
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