Remembering Tony Benn

In memory of the main man Tony Benn, we take a look back at his interview with Ali G. Tony was perhaps the only interviewee to talk back to Sacha and challenge him.

Tony Benn was not afraid to speak his mind unlike many politicians (who you vote for and then find out they are sleeping with horses) who just reel off soundbites and cannot answer a question directly.

‘Say what you believe, believe what you say’

Tony Benn – 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014

BBC Obituary here

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New Sacha Baron Cohen film Grimsby gets release date

Sacha Baron Cohen at the Blundell Hotel, Grimsby

According to the Grimbsy Telegraph Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film Grimsby will be released on July 31, 2015 with shooting set to begin this summer.

Directed by Louis Leterrier, the film focuses on a British black-ops spy who is forced to team up with his estranged football hooligan brother.

Check back for more info as it arrives!


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Sacha Baron Cohen to play villain in Alice in Wonderland sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Villain in Alice in Wonderland sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen is in talks to play a villian role in Alice in Wonderland 2.

If he agrees to the deal he will join co stars Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska with director James Bobin.

Cohen and Bobin last worked together on The 11 O’Clock Show and Da Ali G Show, which was well good, innit. The The 11 O’Clock Show launched Ali G into the homes of millions across the UK  back in 1998.

The first Alice in Wonderland movie was a hit at box offices around the world, grossing a total of $1.02 billion in 2010.

Plot details are thin on the ground, but Variety (who broke the news) are referring to the film as Through the Looking Glass, though no confirmation of a title has been made by the studio.

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New pictures of Ali G – Rezurection leaked online!

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo check dis out. A few cheeky pictures have emerged online as Sacha Baron Cohen films for the new Ali G: Rezurection series which airs in the US and A in February.

Check the pics out in their full glory!


Alo cheeky! Click to enlarge, aiiiight.

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New Ali G scenes for peoples of the US and A

According to Digital Spy Ali G will be returning to the screens of the lucky people in the US and A in February.

boka, boka, boka, boka - is da sounds of a gun when you shoot somebody

Boka boka boka, boka - is da sounds of a gun when you shoot somebody

The show – called Ali G: Rezurection will feature previous episodes of Da Ali G Show which are yet to air in North America, along with new, original introductions Cohen filmed late last year. The series will also include The Best of Ali G.

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Louis Leterrier to direct Sacha Baron Cohen film – Grimsby

French film-maker Louis Leterrier has emerged as the surprise choice to direct Sacha Baron Cohen in the British comic’s upcoming riff on the secret agent genre, now titled Grimsby.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in August that Cohen was planning a James Bond-style spoof about a spy forced to go on the run with his football hooligan brother. The actor has written the screenplay with Wreck It Ralph’s Phil Johnston. Sacha Was previously spotted filming in the Grimsby area in October.

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Cohen didn’t ‘walk out’ of Queen movie


Queen guitarist Brian May has said that there was no “sensationalist” fall-out between the band and Sacha Baron Cohen over the planned Freddie Mercury biopic.

Baron Cohen was said to have left the project over creative differences, with speculation that he wanted a much grittier portrayal of Mercury’s life than the surviving members of Queen did. May told Classic Rock magazine: “It’s a shame that there were these sensationalist stories about him walking out. None of that was true.

“So we’re in a very good place with the movie, and we remain friends with Sacha and hopefully there will be another project that we will work on together in the future.”

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The Dictator does NYC

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator

Yo, I iz on a camel.

Sacha has been spotted filming for new film ‘The Dictator’ in the streets of New York City.  Pictures were taken of Sacha in his full Dictator gear riding a camel through the streets with a suitably large entourage.

There are also pictures of  Sacha, in more modest dress being tackled by a waiter after he steal food from an unsuspecting diner at a restaurant.

The pictures do not give much away in terms of the plot, but it can be assumed the camel photos are of the Dictator before he meets his future love – the peasant girl whilst the photos of Sacha stealing food are when the Dictator hits harder times once his new love has reformed his dictatorial ways.

Click ‘read more’ to see all the photos!

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New Dictator pictures and script details emerge

20110618-061440.jpgYo, a few more photos have been leaked of Sacha in his new role of ‘The Dictator’.

Some further plot details have also come to light, and we learn that The Dictator heads to the U.S. for a meeting at the United Nations and finds that his number two has replaced him with an unsuspecting sheepherder lookalike.

As the dictator wanders the city, he meets the owner of an organic food store who turns around his dictatorial thinking, and a romance blossoms between them.


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First Pictures of Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘The Dictator’

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator

Alo - I iz da Dictator, innit.

Yo – check this out. The first official pictures have emerged of Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘The Dictator’ where he plays the role of an Iraqi leader who falls in love with a peasant girl (more info here), based on a novel written by Suddam Hussein.

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